Jiu-Jitsu Programs






Beginner Jiu-Jitsu Program


 This is a Beginner 101 introduction to Jiu-Jitsu Class. The focus in this class is learning basic Jiu-Jitsu movements, body awareness, getting into shape & learning practical & proven self-defense. We start all Beginners out with a basic Jiu-Jitsu Fundamental Self-Defense curriculum, as we believe that this is the absolute foundation of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. This is perfect for older adults, as well as someone looking to start their Jiu-Jitsu journey and get into shape! There is no "free rolling" or sparing in this class. This class starts with basic Jiu-Jitsu warm ups to learn proper movements, followed by instruction & drilling the movement with a partner, followed by timed drilling back and forth with a partner at 30-50% resistance. This is done for muscle memory and to help the student better learn and retain the move.

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Intermediate/Advanced Programs



These classes also begin with Jiu-Jitsu movement warm-ups much like all courses, and continues on with move demonstration, practice, and positional drilling. In our Intermediate or "Advanced" Programs we integrate a set curriculum where we focus and explore each position and submissions in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for a specific amount of time to also help improve the practitioners development and skill. This program is more suitable for students with previous Jiu-Jitsu experience (6 months or more) or 2 stripe white belt and above. This program starts to introduce and practice "sparing" or "free rolling", however, for white belts this is at the Instructor's discretion and in a safe and controlled manner. 





 Kids Jiu-Jitsu Programs

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Our Kids Programs are designed to promote self-discipline, confidence, respect, integrity, teamwork, responsibility, physical fitness and FUN! Our programs also integrates conditioning and skill oriented games to improve your child’s coordination, motor skills, agility and flexibility. At NSBJJ we encourage and guide children to be good citizens and live the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Principles both on and off the mat.



Youth Jiu-Jitsu Program - Ages 5-9 

In our Youth Jiu-Jitsu Program we focus on the strong foundations of Jiu-Jitsu and self defense. We also add in fun games, fitness and

agility training! This class also involves our Character Development & Bully Defense Program. We believe in building up our younger students to be

good citizens of the world, learning to develop strong self confidence, respect for others, and the importance of trying your best in life!



NSBJJ Future Wariors 


Jr. Jiu-Jitsu Program - Ages 10-14

This program is specifically designed for our older students. These classes include lots of physical exercise, Jiu-Jitsu specific warm ups and agility training. At NSBJJ we feel that as kids get older it is more important for them to be fit, active and have proper body awareness to better adapt to their growing bodies and to establish an active lifestyle that will stay with them into adulthood. 

In the Jr. Jiu-Jitsu Program we also work with the kids on self-discipline, focus and how to properly deal with Peer Pressure. It can be a tough time for kids entering Middle School and getting prepared for High School. At NSBJJ we practice and teach Self-Defense first, but it is just as important to teach "Verbal Jiu-Jitsu" (Verbal Assertiveness) to help stop Bullying and Peer Pressure by stopping the threat before it gets physical. These techniques also help tremendously with Self-Confidence. 



Girls Empowered Jiu-Jitsu Class Ages 8-13

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Our Girls Only Jiu-Jitsu Program starts with Women's Specific Self Defense, where we teach our young ladies to be able to defend themselves against a larger Bully or Attacker using leverage and technique over strength and size. Our specific curriculum includes Bully Defense, "Verbal Jiu-Jitsu" (Verbal Assertiveness) Fitness, Fun and Team Building! NSBJJ is all about Girl Power!

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*At NSBJJ our goals for our young students are:

. Teach a complete self-defense system that will give children a high degree of self-confidence.

. Teach children how to intelligently cope with bullying and peer pressure.

. Teach positive social values such as respect, honesty, humility and dignity.

. Help children get along with others and to treat others with respect.


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